Audio Distribution Amplifier
4스테레오 채널 (8모노) 오디오 분배기


  • 4세트 스테레오 또는 8 모노 출력 오디오 분배기
  • 전면 입력 레벨 조절기
  • 각 입력 채널에 대한 Dual-LED VU Meter
  • 전면 출력 레벨 콘트롤
  • 입/출력 연결 터미널 블록 콘낵터 사용


Audio Distribution Amplifier
8스테레오 채널 (16모노) 오디오 분배기


  • Stereo Audio Distribution with 8 Outputs
  • Mono Audio Distribution with 16 Outputs
  • Front-Panel Input Level Trimmers
  • Dual-LED VU Meter for Each Input Channel
  • Front-Panel Output Level Trimmers
  • Inputs and Outputs on Rear Panel Detachable Terminal Blocks
  • Exceptional Audio Quality for the Most Demanding Applications


Microphone / Line Distribution Amplifier – 1×4
4채널 마이크/라인 분배기


  • Distribution Amplifier with Four Outputs
  • Front Panel XLR Input / Output Jacks
  • Detachable Input / Output Terminal Blocks
  • Switch-selectable Mic or Line Input
  • Switch-selectable Mic Gain and Phantom
  • Gain Trim on Input
  • Each Output Switch-selectable Mic or Line


Line Level Distribution Amplifier – 1×3
3채널 라인 레벨 분배기


  • Audio Distribution with up to 3 Outputs
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Input and Outputs
  • Bridge an Audio Line for Local Distribution
  • Distribution with Impedance Conversion
  • Distribution with Gain or Loss
  • Inputs and Outputs RF-Protected
  • 1×3 Mono or Use Two Units for Stereo
  • RDL® SupplyFlex™ Power Input Configuration


Microphone Level Distribution Amplifier – 1×3
3채널 마이크로폰 분배기


  • Feed 1 Microphone to 3 Microphone Inputs
  • Electrical and Audio Isolation
  • Studio Quality Low-Noise, Low-Distortion Performance
  • Excellent Phase Response
  • Versatility of STICK-ON® Compactness